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Scenic Remote Sandy Creek Trail

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The trail intersects with the Allegheny River Trail on it's western end at Belmar village, about 8 miles south of Franklin, in Venango County. The eastern trailhead is located in Van, along Rt. 322. Allegheny Valley Trails Association website for directions and maps.

The Sandy Creek Trail follows the path of an old railroad that attempted to make a fairly straight trip up the twisting valley of Sandy Creek. The result is a trail with eight (count 'em - 8!) high bridges AND a tunnel! The trek through the topography makes for a fun trail with lots of vistas and a wide variety of ecosystems, including a substantial beaver pond, complete with lily pads. The area is remote, with no facilities along the trail.

The western end of the trail connects with the Allegheny River Trail at the Belmar Bridge. An unusual array of steps with a ramp along the side is provided for getting bikes between the two.

  • Completed Length: 8 miles, but is planned for expansion on both ends to become part of the Clarion Highlands Trail
  • Connecting Trails: Allegheny River Trail provides a total completed trail length of 24 miles
  • Surface: Asphalt
  • Topography: 980 ft MSL at Belmar Bridge, 1183 ft MSL at Van, average rise of 25 ft/mile.

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